OTG Athlete Jennifer Guelda


What made you want to compete for the first time?

My brother has been a competitor for a number of years, and at each competition he would tell me…you can do this.  I would just look around and think what dedication these people have, and could I really do it?  And then one day in early February my brothers, sister and I were having dinner and we decided this would be the year we would do a show together.  As the oldest, I knew I couldn’t let them down…and so it began.

What has been your greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge for me has been missing out on family and friend time.  Or at least the family and friend time that we were used too.  A few adaptations had to be made, and with a little time and understanding we were able to make it happen.  


What did you wish that you knew before you had started this journey?

How welcoming this community is!  I am not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleasantly surprised how helpful and friendly everybody I encountered through this process was.  And that everybody questions themselves.  Trust the process!


What have you learned from your experience with competing?

I learned that I am stronger, both mentally and physically, and more confident than I thought I was.  


What advice would you give to someone who is considering competing?

DO IT!  It was amazing!  And I would definitely hire a coach.  This process is very intimidating, challenging and leaves you questioning everything.  Having someone there to answer your questions and push you through the trying times, priceless.


Tell about your support system!

My family is very much into fitness; my husband runs marathons, my brothers, sister and sister-in-law all compete, and my daughter is a dancer, so everybody was very understanding and supportive of the commitment that I made!  As well as my coach Jenny Wax, my mom, her husband, and all my close friends.  


What is your next goal?

Currently, I do not have another competition on the schedule.  My goal is to continue to grow stronger and challenge myself to be the best me, I can be.

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Coached by Jennifer Wax @jennifersuze