What to Get Your FitChick for Christmas: 20 Ideas. (With links included.)
As I write this on Black Friday, I know that many of us don’t actually buy presents in an advanced manner. Instead, I procrastinate, then panic as it nears 2 days before Christmas, I still haven’t shopped, and I have zero ideas of what to get.  If you are like me, (which I imagine that some of you are…at least I hope I’m not alone in this…) having a list of things to spark ideas would be quite appreciated.  I just happen to be a girl, and I also just happen to be an athlete, so I kind of know some things. You don’t even have to tell her that you read about it here, but you can thank me later.

1. Seasonings & Spices
If your girl eats the same damn thing every day, then she will surely appreciate any way to spice up her food differently.  Get her a nice gift set of various spices and seasonings for her never ending chicken and broccoli.  One of my favorite places to go is Penzeys Spices, and you can’t go wrong with Flavor God seasonings.

2. Teas & Coffees
Is your girl a caffeine junkie? Or does she like to relax with a nice cup of herbal tea? There are an overwhelming amount of flavored teas and coffees that you can impress her with. Maybe get her a few smaller sizes of some good quality beans and leaves. I love Black Rifle Coffee company.

3. Nice Tupperware, or a Hot Plate
Not the cheap dollar store kind that she’ll probably buy herself.  I mean the nice shit.  The glass Tupperware, or the kind that have snap lids so her fish doesn’t leak all up in her car. Or, you could get her an electric hot plate so she can heat up her meals anywhere with an outlet.

4. A new gym bag or cooler.
Maybe she needs a new gym bag to tote her gym-to-work clothes.  If she is on the go a lot, she may want a cooler bag that has room for everyday things, and spaces for her Tupperware built in. A great brand for these is SixPack Bags.  If she already has these, you can always use “fillers” as a stocking stuffer.  Get her some travel sized shower products, dry shampoo, hair ties, or makeup remover cloths for her gym bag, or stock her up on plasticware, condiments, napkins, and packs of gum for her cooler bag.

5. Gym Gear
This category can have almost too many subcategories, so I am just going to list my favorites. This would be a good area to ask her friend and gym partners/coach/trainer as it can be very specific to her sport.
a. Straps/Versa Gripps/ Chalk: Keeps grip from limiting her lifts.
b. Gloves: Keep her hand pretty and callous free.
c. Weight belt: For core support for her gains.
d. Resistance bands: For rehab/prehab exercises, or travel workouts.
e. Plate Mates: Magnetic microweights that she can slap on metal dumbells.
f. Clips: So she can always have her own pair without having to search around the gym.
g. Foam Roller & Lacrosse Ball: For her synergistic workout therapy.
h. Fancy Water Bottle: A nice BPA Spill proof water bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold will do.
G & H. Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle: This is actually a water bottle that has a foam roller exterior, so she can alternate drinking water and myofascial release.
i. Yoga mats: for yoga.  Or for the cat to take over and dig its claws into when your girlfriend tries to use it.

6. Pampering Products
After an intense lifting session, recovery products can be magical to your lady.  Buy her buckets of Epsom salt, magnesium oil spray, essential oils, arnica gel/Biofreeze/Tiger Balm, or just get her some things that smell nice and with make her skin soft…..because we still like to feel pretty.  Lush is an excellent one stop shop for lotions, bath bombs, face masks, foot scrubs, whatever.  They are a great company that does not test on animals (which will get you good Swolemate points just for considering that) and they use high quality, natural ingredients.

7. A massage, Mani Pedi, or class package.
I only know of one women who doesn’t like getting massages, but I know of a zillion women who wouldn’t turn it down.  Get in touch with a professional, sports oriented massage therapist so they can treat her muscles right, or just get her a frou-frou fluffy massage if that’s what she’s into.  You could also get her a package of class sessions that she frequents (yoga, barre, crossfit, Zumba, etc.) If she hates massages, and group fitness, then get her a manicure & pedicure or a facial.

8. Shoes
You already knew this was going to be on the list. Don’t act surprised.  However, I would err on the side of getting her a gift card, so she can pick out her own style or size, as these can fit so differently.  You could take note of what she already prefers (Nike, Reebok, Converse, etc.) and get her a gift card, or use a general store like Dicks Sporting Goods to cover your bases. If you know her pretty well, and you know her shoe size (if you don’t, check her other shoes, or ask her friends to find out) you can customize a sweet pair of kicks with her favorite colors, or a nickname or something cute.


9. Workout Clothes
This would be an opportunity to splurge on something nice that she wouldn’t buy for herself.  I love Lululemon because they are an amazing company, but they also stand behind their brand with warranty, and free alternations to make them a perfect fit.  I also love brands Drop Dead Fit (Use code AUTUMN10 for a 10% discount!), Celestial Bodiez, Buns & Barbells, and Strong Lift Wear for leggings, and Nike or lululemon for Jackets.  If that is out of your budget, Forever 21, Walmart, and Target surprisingly has really cute sports bras, tank tops, and bottoms for an extremely reasonable price. It doesn’t matter how many we have, we always want more and in every color. Don’t forget about headbands, socks, funny graphic shirts, and undies. We like those too.

10. Out of Gym clothes
If she works hard in the gym, she probably likes to dress to kill when it’s time for an out of gym affair.  Depending on your woman’s taste, this may mean a bitchin' pair of heels, a smoking hot dress, or a bad ass leather jacket.  A new find of mine that I am IN LOVE with, are Freddy Jeans from Livify.com.  These pants have silicone banding around the waist, a button fly like normal pants, and the super stretchy material so they won't ride up or down.  They're like Jeggings but with more class.  Plus, the special seams of these pants outline and support the booty perfectly to make her even more ass-tastic. Those suckers aren't going anywhere, and they show off all of that booty training she's been doing. You will appreciate your purchase on her as well, so it’s a treat for both of you.
And a place that has a good mix of workout, fashion, and cute clothes chosen by an athlete, is ShopLuminousBoutique!

11. Nice food scale
This can go either way.  A digital scale can be simple and just what she needs to measure every ounce of food.  Or, you can go all out and get a scale that provides nutritional information for the food she is measuring for easy if it fits your macros math, like the Escali Scale.
12. Gallon Sleeve
This is a sleek gallon sleeve that fits over her gallon with pockets for cards or cash, ice packs to keep it cold, and a clip for keys and more hair ties. Or basically, a purse that holds water.


13. Heart Rate Monitor
If she is a cardio queen, maybe she can use a good heart rate monitor with a chest strap or a FitBit, There are many good brands, but I believe the chest strap is necessary for accuracy.

15. Fancy Miscellaneous food items
This seems like it should fit somewhere in the previous categories, but I felt it deserved its own space.  Oils are expensive. The good ones are, anyway.  If she is used to the Kroger EVOO, maybe it would be nice to treat her to an infused olive oil of nicer quality.  Zi Olive has so many infusions that she will love, and they also have sample sets. Or, maybe she would like to have a flavor of egg whites (try Muscle Egg) or my favorite treat, Nuts’n’More. (Just go ahead and get all of the flavors….They’re all great.) One of my favorites is this easy protein cake mix by Lil Buff Bakery that your girl can bake herself into endless recipe of her own healthy treat!

16. Supplements
I am not going to go into detail here. This is another gift card appropriate category, but some general ideas are  protein powder, vitamins, maybe some creatine.

17. Headphones
A good pair of headphones can drown out annoying gym Bros and Ask-Holes to give her solstice during her workout.  This will depend on her preference, but can be a nice upgrade.  Try to find out if she likes earbuds or over the ear, but wireless is an excellent choice if you can swing it.

18. Music
I don’t mean a mixtape...but an iTunes giftcard can help fuel her workouts.

19. A session with a professional
This is also a large area of options.  Is there a service that she has wanted to better her goals, but hasn’t set up for herself?  It could be a physical therapy session, bloodwork at the doctor’s office, a treatment or surgery that would make her feel more confident in her body, or you could hire her a coach or personal trainer, or a personalized diet/training program. I will use a shameless plug here, since I am writing this and I love to help, (I figure that if you are reading this, you know that I am happy to provide these services via On-The-Grind Training and can be reached at atclev01@gmail.com) but most importantly, you should research a professional in your area or of her preference, whoever you choose to use.  There are many great professionals in various fields, and usually good way to find them is through networking. A fast way to find out who to use is through referrals. Or, maybe she wants to get certified herself or complete a teacher/instruction training course!

20. Recognition
Maybe she isn’t into store bought gifts. Maybe she would much more appreciate a thoughtful creation from your heart. Make her an album of her progress photos, or competition/event pictures.  Write your version of a story about her accomplishments, or how she has inspired you.  Make her a trophy or a plaque for a special award that she deserves. Frame a photo of her biggest achievement face.  It will really instill more confidence in her, and help her reflect on herself, which I think is more valuable than anything you could buy her.  Nothing can replace the recognition and respect of her efforts and battles.  Although I have this as the last on the list, I think this is a #1 idea. Let her know you are her biggest fan, and supporter.

Here you will find a list of cheap things.  This should not solely be used as a "Gift" but may be used in conjunction with a Gift.
Batteries/Chargers for technology
Camping eating utensil (A keychain with folding spoon, knife, and fork all in one)
Pill organizer
Shoe/gym bag fresheners