On-The-Grind Athlete
Alex Redmond

What made you want to compete for the first time? 
I was a dancer my entire life and in college and LOVE being on stage/performing. Once I stopped dancing, a part of me felt empty. I started lifting more seriously and eventually fell in love with it. I realized that competing is a combination of two of my passions: lifting and performing. I was addicted the second I stepped on stage for the first time!

What has been your greatest challenge? 
Balancing my time between work/friends/gym/etc can be very challenging at times, but you learn how to best manage your time through trial and error.

What did you wish that you knew before you had started this journey?
I wish I knew how important it is to partner with a coach who cares about you as an individual, your goals, and your health. This sport isn’t supposed to be easy – your coach will push you and may cut your food/increase cardio…things will get HARD at times, but that’s what you signed up for!

What have you learned from your experience with competing? 
This sport is subjective – you won’t always be satisfied with the judges scores, but what’s more important than winning is that you went out there knowing you gave prep everything you had. I’ve learned that as long as I beat my previous package, I’m still a winner.

 What advice would give to someone who is considering competing? 
Competing should fit your lifestyle – it’s not only physically challenging, but mentally and financially as well. It’s also worth taking the time to build a solid foundation before rushing to be on stage! Be ready to give 100% every single day.

Tell about your support system! 
My family has supported me 100% over these last few years - I simply wouldn’t be here without them. I’m also very fortunate to a part of such an amazing team of like-minded individuals who support and encourage each other throughout the journey. We help each other get through the tough days.

What is your next goal? 
To put on size on my upper body and schedule my next show!

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