On-The-Grind Athlete
Bailey McEnroe


What made you want to compete for the first time?

I have always been fit but I just wanted to push my body to its best potential. 

What has been your greatest challenge?

Overcoming my mother’s death 5 months ago while finishing out school, training, prepping for this show. 

What did you wish that you knew before you had started this journey?

How much time and effort this sport takes out of you. It is awesome but very costly and time-oriented. 

 What have you learned from your experience with competing?

That the body has no limits really. I never thought of myself as a lean athlete until learning more about it and actually becoming one. It's been truly rewarding. 

What advice would give to someone who is considering competing?
Learn to always be hungry. 

Tell about your support system!

My support system was great. All the guys and gals in the factory and at UofL's gym has been incredible. Competing with the guys who are wanting to do what I do each and every day is truly rewarding and helping them reach their goals. 


What is your next goal? 

To come out and place top 5 in novice class at KY Open and top 10 in open class. 

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